So here's the state of play as of 6th July -

First the good news - the bans at Thomas Clarkson school, Cambridgeshire and Glan y Mor,  Gywnedd are both going - the former from September and the latter with immediate effect.

In terms of new bans, I currently know of six:

- Eastwood Academy, Southend

- Freman College, Hertfordshire

- Moulton school, Northamptonshire

- Monkwearmouth school, Sunderland

- Churchill Academy, North Somerset (years 9-11 only)

- Withernsea High School, East Yorkshire

Last year there were 15 new bans by the end of term, and 1 ban lifted, so it looks like 2012 will be slower than 2011, which is good news.

Maps and tables will be updated later.

Bans threatened but withdrawn

- Herne Bay School, Kent

- Cecil Jones School, Southend

- Norton College, North Yorkshire

- Hipperholme and Lightfoot School, Calderdale

- UCA Academy Northwich, Chester and Cheshire West

- Endeavour Academy, Suffolk

- Greensward Academy. Essex

- Coleshill School, Warwickshire

- Colne School, Essex

 Update - 13th August 2012

The following now have bans, in addition to those listed above

- Leeds West Academy, Leeds

- Dixons City Academy, Bradford

- Bath Community Academy, Bath and North East Somerset

- Martin High School, Liecestershire

- Ipswich Academy, Suffolk

- Suffolk New Academy, Suffolk

Overall the numbers are very much the same as in 2010 and 2009, but much less than 2011