The Grove School, in rural northern Shropshire has been in the local news after trying to impose a skirt ban - but just for six weeks.

The Shropshire Star reports that the school is moving from a polo shirt to a jacket and tie uniform from September, as has already happened in hundreds of schools nationwide. However it has also decided to ban skirts from June 11th, but to allow them again next year, but only one type purchased from a particular shop. The school now says it will allow the new skirt to be worn from June, which looks like a panic reaction to parental criticism and which reads that way if you look at the letters on the school's website.

So no ban, but nearly one. More than that though, what on earth is a school doing changing its uniform in mid-June when year 11 pupils have just a couple of weeks of compulsory schooling left? Those still in school will grow during the summer - which is why parents try not to buy uniform too far in advance. The school needs to get a grip.

(UPDATE - This blog posting, which evidently relates to the same school shows that at least some parents see things the same way)