As we head into the final sixth of the school year - and also the time when most bans will be made public - it's worth summarising where we've got to since the school year's start. 

bans announced in the Autumn Term and enacted from January 2012

- Tollbar Academy, NE Lincolnshire

- Cleethorpes Academy, NE Lincolnshire

- John Colet school, Buckinghamshire

bans starting in September 2012

- Eastwood Academy, Southend

- Freman College, Hertfordshire

Bans being threatened

- Linton Village College, Cambridgeshire

Bans considered but withdrawn

- Herne Bay School, Kent

- Cecil Jones School, Southend

- Norton College, North Yorkshire

- Hipperholme and Lightfoot School, Calderdale

- UCA Academy Northwich, Chester and Cheshire West

- Endeavour Academy, Suffolk

- Greensward Academy. Essex

The 2011 academic year saw a record 17 bans - far more than in previous years and it was that which lead directly to the creation of  this blog. At the time, anywhere between 10 and 30 bans seemed likely this year.

Most bans are only announced in June or July, so it's still too early to know the final figure for this year, but as it's only two so far, it looks as though it may well be at the lower end of that range.