For those of us that follow this sort of thing, the news coverage of the banning of skirts at Eastwood Academy, Southend in December 2011 raised eyebrows (see here for example): the school claimed overwhelming support for its ban - even though so many other bans have proven controversial.

Some more information has now emerged in the form of the released parents’ survey results (see here). According to this document, the questions asked covered whether parents thought short skirts are a problem, whether it could be embarrassing for teachers to confront this, etc, but it did not include the obvious question – ‘do you think skirts should be banned?’. Why not? There are two possible explanations. Either the school did not ask the question because it suspected it would not get the answer it wanted or it did ask the question but did not release the results because they do not fit with the decision they wanted to make anyway.

This school had got a new head in September 2011. To have this all done by December, he must have started his push for a skirt ban straight away. Frankly, it looks ideological and the survey looks very dodgy.