July 2015


So far this year we've had a couple of high profile skirt bans - think Bridlington and Trentham and a high profile attempt at Plymstock, but where the school now appears to have backed down. Beyond that though the only other two that have shown up so far are Copleston High in Ipswich, Suffolk and Heaton Manor in Newcastle upon Tyne, for a total of four. Acle High in Norfolk also announced a ban but then backed down under fire.


Set against that four are four moving in the other direction: John Colet in Buckinghamshire, Fareham Academy in Hampshire, Red House Academy in Sunderland and Omiston Sandwell Academy in the West Midlands are all withdrawing bans imposed in previous years.


Doubtless a handful more will come to light by September and it is more likely than not that the overall numbers will increase by two or three, but this trend is definitely losing momentum.